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Podge has a love-love relationship
with tennis, good food and great company.

Sports Podge, the unique lunch that celebrates the passion, personalities and friendships forged through sport, has reached its 12th anniversary this year.

The idea is very simple: it’s a chance to catch up with old mates, forge new bonds and maybe even strike the odd deal – but mainly – Podge is about having a fantastic lunch without the distraction of auctions, awards, and overlong speeches. And rain never stops play.

It’s like social networking but at Sports Podge, you rub shoulders with human beings and sporting legends as you drink fine wine and enjoy excellent food - thanks to the IoD’s award winning chef. And when the afternoon turns into evening, we’ll serve bacon butties at the bar just after the 27th tie-break.

Great venues, great food and a bar that never seems to run out have always been at the heart of Podge (hence the name) so I suggest that you leave all that ‘my body is a temple’ nonsense in the locker-room. Podge is about swelling tummies and contact books, meeting the odd legend, so that you feel game-set-and-match all the way home.

This year’s theme is a special one – mainly because I’ve never picked up a racket in my life, but I love watching the game. The passion and determination of tennis players – from amateurs through to the true greats of the sport – is second to none. It’s produced a remarkable cast of characters and amazing stories of sportsmanship and determination. I’m delighted that this year, tennis is our theme.

If you are one of this year’s chosen few I look forward to welcoming you on May 5th.

Phil Jones

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Tighten your strings and be ready for the final at


Institute of Directors

116 Pall Mall

Date & Time

Friday 5th May
Knock-up (Drinks) - 12:30pm
First serve (Lunch) - 13:15pm

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Get to know your Goolagong’s from your Bollettieri’s

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They make sure we have new balls...